Batu Mekar Lingsar Rafting West Lombok

by - May 26, 2019

Adventure in Lombok

Adventure in Lombok

This new Lombok tour, the lingsar bloom, offers a view of fertile rice fields and green hills and is used as a rafting location. the heavy river flow flanked by rocks is a challenge for tourists to try white water rafting, Batu Mekar Village, kec. Lingsar.

In addition, this Lingsar bloom tour also offers tours which are unique and interesting experiences, and for the price is definitely very cheap, this tour will certainly provide a new experience for you, indeed this lingsar blossom area has potential tourism in the tourism sector because of its territory which is a fairly extensive agriculture and plantation.

Adventure in Lombok

Lingsar Subdistrict saves a lot of tourism potential that can be developed, one of them is white water rafting or agriculture / plantation tourism such as those in Sembalun which is more inclined towards agricultural activities such as farming in rice fields and other social activities but in Lingsar District saves more prominent tourism at the Plantation.

Lombok Rafting Tourism

Adventure in Lombok

The atmosphere around the rafting location is very beautiful with cool rural nature and near a lined hill. The length of the river that goes through for rafting is 6 kilometers with a distance of 2 hours. It can even be 1.5 hours if the flow of the river is large, especially during the rainy season. The depth of the river ranges from 1 - 1.5 meters and there are even locations that make rafting run aground.

Challenge Rafting in Batu Mekar

This Rafting in Batu Mekar has three gradual challenges that must be passed, when through it prepare yourself to shout as loud as possible.

Adventure in Lombok

Challenge 1 : is a challenge that you will find when you are 1/3 of the journey. This one challenge brings you and the inflatable boat swooping as deep as 180 degrees. Hold it tight and shout loudly to add to the spooky atmosphere.

Challenge 2 : is a welcome challange that makes you shock for a moment, because this challenge is the beginning that gives a tense sensation. prepare yourself with the initial challenge because the sensation will be different from the other challenges.

Challenge 3 : is the most creepy challenge. The track dropped steeply as far as 100 meters and there was a rumble of downhill water. Prepare the paddle so that the rubber boat runs well according to the direction of the river path, paddling as fast and as hard as possible.

Adventure in Lombok

Ticket : 400,000 IDR This person includes lunch, coffee or tea we have prepared with a simple snack cake.
Operational Hours : 08:00 am - 05:00 pm

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