Gili Layar Island West Lombok

by - May 25, 2019

Gili Layar Island, Beautiful Island in West Lombok

Gili Layar Lombok is one of the small islands

Gili Layar is one of the small islands (Gili) in Sekotong District which has a beautiful beach that captivates tourists. The beauty of Gili Layar is no doubt. The Gili who enter Gili Gede Indah Village, Sekotong Subdistrict, save the beauty of nature which is very amazing and spoils every eye of the tourists who come.

Gili Layar Lombok is one of the small islands

Gili Layar has an area of around 55 hectares. This Gili saves extraordinary beauty, starting from the white sandy coastline with clear sea water with its rock. Travel time to Gili Layar is not too long, about 30 minutes from the crossing location. But during the trip, tourists are guaranteed not to be bored with the beauty of the beaches and mountains of the Sekotong region. Then the conditions of the waves make the trip comfortable, without having to be afraid of being hit by waves.

Gili Layar Island is like a Private Island

Gili Layar Lombok is one of the small islands

After arriving, visitors will enjoy an atmosphere that is not too crowded, because there are not too many visitors who come to this location like in Gili Terawangan or other gili. Not many public facilities are found, there are only a few Gazebos (Berugak) which are the resting places for visitors. This berugak facility is not free. Residents apply rates to visitors. The amount is not much, only 5 berugak.

Gili Layar Lombok is one of the small islands

In this area several villas have been built that are used by tourists to stay. Gili Layar is the best place for diving and snorkeling. So that this area is visited by tourists who come directly from Bali to this place for diving and snorkeling.

The Beauty of the World in the Sea Gili Layar Island

Gili Layar Lombok is one of the small islands

Try swimming around this Gili beach. Snorkeling equipment can be rented at a price of 25,000 IDR. Guided directly by boat owner fishermen. Just a dozen meters from the shoreline it turns out that the story that the fisherman said was indeed true. Only from a distance of a dozen meters, with a depth of not up to 1 meter, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Gili Layar underwater world, ranging from hundreds of species of marine fish, coral reefs and others. , tourists from Jakarta who come on vacation to Lombok.

Gili Layar Lombok is one of the small islands

The most pleasant experience, divers or tourists can provide food for the fish, before diving the fishers have indeed reminded our group to bring bread for fish bait. Sure enough when diving while sprinkling bread, thousands of fish gather to eat the bread. "The fish is good, we can even hold it while eating on our hands,"

Ticket : free for the beach, 300,000 IDR - 500,000 IDR Fast Boat
How to get there : To get to this place, visitors or tourists can use a boat owned by fishermen through Pelangan Sekotong beach, or from Pantau Batu Kijuk. With the price of the accommodation, visitors are not only transferred to one gili, but can be used for three dyke in Gili Gede Indah village.
Operational Hours : 24 Hours

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