Karma Kandara Beach Bali

by - May 26, 2019

Luxury Beach at Back of the Cliff

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

Picnicking to Bali will feel normal if you just visit the beach. There are many beaches that we can visit in Bali. So why not try to find a beach that you have never visited?

Karma Kandara Beach is probably a beach that isn't too familiar to you. This beach is rarely heard but has a charm that is no less beautiful than other beaches in Bali. More value from this beach is the quiet atmosphere. A typical beach that is perfect for calming down and looking for inspiration

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

Bali is famous for its beach beauty and Underwater life. One of the hidden beach of the Island of the Gods which is mentioned as The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara. It is located behind a high cliff and presents extraordinary views.

Feel Stranded on the Beachside

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

Karma Kandara is on Jl Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency. Although a little hidden, it is not difficult to find a location because it is only about 27 km from Denpasar. For those who depart from the direction of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, only need a road trip of around 30-45 minutes via land.

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

Once you reach the Karma Kandara Beach area, there are two entry accesses that can be chosen. If you choose to enter via the Nammos Beach Club cafe, visitors must pay around 350,000 IDR. At that price, you will be spoiled by snack and eating facilities. Besides that there is lift access to the beach, so there is no need to bother walking.

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

But for those who adhere to the saying "sick first, have fun later", you should choose the second path by going down the steps. The road is quite winding and takes a long time. But not to worry, going down this path won't take up to an hour.

Enchanting scenery

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

Once you reach your destination, you will be spoiled by the charm of Karna Kandara beach. The stretch of white sand looks glittering in the sun. The blue sea water is guaranteed to make anyone's mood better and at the same time calming.

Around the beach there are day beds that can be used to sunbathe and feel the sensation of a pleasant sun kissed. So lonely visitors, being in Karna Kandara will feel like in a private beach. In addition, you can also try some water sports like canoe.

The Hidden Paradise is Karma Kandara

The water here is so clear, it is perfect for those who want to snorkel and enjoy the beauty of marine life. If you are tired and want to enjoy the beauty of Karma Kandara Beach longer, visitors can rent hotels and villas in the surrounding area.

Ticket : 350000 IDR for passing the elevator and moving through the stairs
How to get here : Karma Kandara Beach itself is a beach in South Bali. Precisely in the village of Unggasan, South Kuta sub-district, Badung. From the airport it will take around 30 minutes to get to this beach
Operational Hours : 24 hours

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