Mekaki Beach West Lombok

by - May 26, 2019

A Million Beauty on Mekaki Beach Lombok

This beach is no less interesting than Kuta Beach and Senggigi Beach, the most popular on Lombok. Although this Mekaki Beach Lombok is not yet well known or rarely known to people, but if you visit here it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed or sorry. Why? 

Because on this beach there is a variety of endless beauty. So that you can feel its beauty not only by looking at it but also doing activities on this beach. as a beach that is still rarely touched by people, then of course this beach is still very clean and natural. So those of you who visit here will feel cool, fresh, calm and very comfortable. Even you can play here more fun and free because it has not been crowded with visitors.

Beauty presented Mekaki Beach Lombok

This beach presents a variety of extraordinary beauty that is a stretch of sand that is pure white, soft and very charming. Also the blue sea water is clean and the coastal parts are turquoise. You can see the scenery around the beach surrounded by fresh green hills. coupled with a very bright blue sky, it is inevitable that this beach has a very beautiful and stunning nature. This beach is curved like a crescent moon so it looks more stunning. Likewise with the waves that are calm and not large give a more melodious and melodious sound. Likewise with beautiful and nice shells that are around the beach.

Natural Scenery arriving to Mekaki Beach Lombok

Not only is the scenery very enchanting on Mekaki Beach Lombok. But before arriving here you will go through a very fascinating journey because of its extraordinary natural beauty. During the trip you will see a stretch of green rice fields that are very refreshing to the eyes and heart. The coastline is very beautiful and a cluster of dyke that you can see when you will arrive at this Mekaki Beach. while the gili adjacent to this beach are Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and Gili Turtle.

During the trip you will also feel the road going up and down and this is also a beautiful and different scene than you have ever felt before. So when you will arrive at this beach you can enjoy the beautiful waters of the beach that turn blue like a niche. Likewise with its surroundings are hills with fresh green trees. while at a certain height when on the trip you will feel the rocky and unpaved road that makes your trip more exciting and challenging. You can see a bay from this region that adds to the beauty of the scenery.

Various Exciting Activities on Mekaki Beach Lombok

If you have arrived at this Mekaki Beach Lombok then you can relax first on a stretch of white sand on the seashore while facing the beach to enjoy the beautiful curved coastline like a crescent. Next you can swim in the sea because the waves are very calm and even safe for children who want to swim. You can hold a mat if you come here while enjoying the supplies you have brought.

With very clear water, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world that is fascinating with beautiful and beautiful rocks and a variety of underwater life that varies. You can also snorkel or dive with your own equipment because there is no rental for equipment.

Ticket : Everyone is charged 5,000 IDR. For vehicle parking costs, the motorbike is 5,000 IDR. 10,000 IDR car. bus for 20,000 IDR.
How to get there : around 1.5 - 2 hours if you are from the direction of Mataram. The journey to this beach is a journey that goes through the hills and rice fields of the community.
Operational Hours : 24 Hours

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