Sesaot Protected Forest West Lombok

by - May 25, 2019

Sesaot Protected Forest Nature Tourism Lombok

Traveling to Lombok island is indeed a target for tourists, including those of you who read this article. Tourism on the island of Lombok is indeed quite a lot, from natural tourism, historical tourism, marine tourism, to mountain tourism. But can't you? If you try something else from Lombok tourism, which is to take a tour of nature to the Sesaot Protection Forest, of course when you travel to this place you will feel different things.

Sesaot Protected Forest is a beautiful and natural forest area with a forest area of around 5,999.2 hectares. Sesaot Protection Forest is divided into two parts, namely 2,579.65 hectares or 43% of the total forest area is artificial forest, while 3,419.54 hectares or 57% is natural forest.

Natural Beauty of Sesaot Protected Forest Lombok

In the Seseot Protection Forest, you can find 40 sources of springs. The springs flow to the City of Mataram and the West Lombok Region through the Seseot River, Tembiras River, Lenek River, Pemoto River, Jangkuk River, and Selepang River. In the Seseot Protection Forest you will find a river flowing in the middle of this forest.

One of the beauty possessed by this one tour is in the middle of the forest there is the Aiq Nyet River with large river stones. The river spring originates from Mount Rinjani so that it makes the river water in this forest clearer, cooler and fresher. For those of you who like to play water, this river is one of the right places to try that desire. You can play water on this river while enjoying the atmosphere of the beauty of unspoiled forests. In addition, you can explore protected forest areas and capture photos or videos with a pretty good forest view that adds to the impression that travel becomes more enjoyable.

Facilities Available in Sesaot Protection Forest

For those of you who are interested in traveling to this place, there are several facilities that you can use such as setting up tents for camping or camping, tree houses and gazebo to relax, outbound facilities, buoy rental services, typical Lombok culinary snacks, and other supporting facilities.

Ticket : Free
How to Get There : From Lombok International Airport. Using public transportation services, the Damri bus which is available in Bandaara, goes to Damri Bertais Terminal, Mataram City, with a distance of 32 km. From Damri Terminal, take a taxi to visit Sesaot Protected Forest with a distance of 22.4 km.
Operational Hours : 07:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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