Kanawa Island, East Nusa Tenggara

by - June 10, 2019

Beautiful Island in the Middle of the Sea of ​​Flores

The beauty of Komodo National Park seems endless to explore. It is this beauty that has made the area more popular lately. This time will discuss the beautiful island in the Komodo National Park. Happy reading ^^

While Kanawa Island is around Flores Island

A similar name, makes this island often considered the same island as Kenawa Island. But don't get confused. Kenawa Island is around Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. While Kanawa Island is around Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara.

So what is the specialty of Kanawa Island in East Nusa Tenggara? Kanawa Island is not only beautiful on the beach and underwater, but also on the mainland.

Kanawa Island is a small island located about 10 km from Labuan Bajo which is the gateway to Komodo Island. If you want to visit Komodo Island, we must pass this island. Kanawa Island is perfect for relaxing, sunbathing or snorkeling and diving.

While Kanawa Island is around Flores Island

When you first set foot in Kanawa Island Pier, you will see a clear blue sea as clear as glass. Even from the top of the pier can see small fish swimming as if to welcome tourists who come, besides that stretch of coral reefs that seem to invite tourists to swim.

Kanawa Island has an area of ​​32 hectares serving presents a very charming natural scenery so that it looks like a private island. White sand is very white and smooth, the sea water is very clear, and a small hill with brown grass makes anyone who sees it will fall in love. The beauty of the blue ocean, its white sand, and the beautiful coral reefs, make Kanawa Island often dubbed the 'little paradise'.

The underwater world is very charming. We don't need to go far to find a snorkeling place to be able to see coral reefs, coral, school of fish, turtles, starfish, and various other types of sea anemones. Only about 10 meters from the shore we can find all the beauty. On the right side of the island there are still red algae left over which make the island of Kanawa at a glance look pink.

While Kanawa Island is around Flores Island

Activities on Kanawa Island

The most appropriate activity done on Kanawa Island is snorkeling, but if you have diving permission, don't miss the opportunity. Because the underwater scenery on Flores is really very attractive. Colorful fish and coral reefs that are home to fish are also beautiful to look at. No wonder many foreign tourists come to Kanawa Island.

While Kanawa Island is around Flores Island

Not only playing with water, another activity you can do is trekking to a small hill. From above there will be clearly seen the beautiful island of Kanawa. In addition, there will be many photo spots found on the hill. Although trekking is quite difficult, it will pay off if it reaches the hill. This hilltop is also a favorite place for tourists who come to enjoy the sunset.

Not only bungalows you can also spend the night by renting a tent on Kanawa Island. When night falls try to see the sky filled with thousands of stars full of light. Because the electricity on this island only starts at 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., then if it passes from 11:00 p.m. the whole island will only be illuminated from the starlight. It's a beautiful and romantic scene.

Not only lodging, Kanawa Island also has a Starfish restaurant and a PADI diving center. Just a recommendation, the food at Starfish restaurant is managed directly by the resort. The seafood menu and pizza are worth a thumbs up, you know. Understandably, the managers of this resort are Italians. And, if you want to explore Kanawa's underwater wealth, there are rental equipment for snorkel equipment and also diving at the PADI diving center.

The atmosphere of Kanawa Island

The supply of electricity and clean water on Kanawa Island is still very limited. Where filling in clean water is only one time, which is around 04.00pm. And, for matters of electricity, it can only live from 06.00pm WIT to 11.00pm WIT. However, with this 'limitation' in the middle of the night we can see the beauty of Stargazing because the island is truly pitch black.
On Kanawa Island there are 13 cottages that are minimalist but very romantic. Prices for standard rooms range from 800,000 IDR. In each room there are mosquito nets and hammocks. and for the bathroom has a semi open bathroom concept.

While Kanawa Island is around Flores Island

Kanawa Island is indeed very suitable for a moment away from the fatigue of life routine. Living on Kanawa Island feels like living on a private island. His calm, blue and clear sea water, underwater beauty, and the hospitality offered by Kanawa Island always make me want to go back there.

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Ticket : Free
How to get there : From Labuan Bajo at 12.00pm WIT and to deliver back to Labuan Bajo from Kanawa Island at 08.00am WIT. However, if we want a more flexible time we can rent a boat for IDR 250,000. To reach this island we only need 1 hour of travel.

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