Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara

by - June 08, 2019

The beauty of Komodo Island Tourism

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

The beauty of Indonesia is endless to discuss. This time we will discuss a very beautiful island and an extant world heritage. If you want to find out more information about this destination, you can refer to this article.

Since it was designated as one of the seven wonders of the world, this destination is increasingly crowded by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Interestingly, in this region there are also quite a few exotic islands.

So, besides seeing Komodo dragons directly, there are still a myriad of exciting activities that you can do in this place. With a group of islands and biodiversity that is owned, it's no wonder that this area is a favorite destination for tourists.

In 2009, Komodo National Park was named the finalist of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and managed to become one of the winners. This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders organization in 2012.

This is an advantage for one of the attractions in the Labuan Bajo area. In 2011, precisely when the Komodo campaign began to peak, the number of visitors penetrated 6,177 people, very different from the previous year which only 2,955 people. Then, in 2014, the number of domestic tourists increased to 13,537 people.

And every year, the number of visitors is increasing. This greatly affects the income of the surrounding community. In addition, some local people also do not only rely on their livelihood as fishermen. Many later turned professions as guides for tourists who came to Komodo Island tours.

Along with the increasing number of visitors, the management of Komodo National Park itself is continuously being improved so that it can be more able to attract tourists to visit this destination.

Exciting Activities That Can Be Done in the Komodo National Park Region

When visiting Komodo National Park, there will be many exciting activities that you can do. Instead of being curious, just immediately find out more through the following information.

Watching Komodo directly

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

First and foremost, the purpose of visiting this destination is to see protected animals in Komodo National Park directly from nearby. Animals that are also known as the giant lizards have inhabited this island since 40 million years ago.

The giant lizard that you can see here has an average length of 2-3 meters and weighs 165 kg. Even though you have no fear, you still have to be careful if you want to see it in person.
You must be accompanied by a handler or ranger team to guide your journey to see these rare animals so that things don't go wrong. Anyway, to be able to meet this giant lizard, you have to climb Mount Ara first. The hiking trip takes about 3-4 hours.

For those who are not used to climbing or walking far, of course it will feel tiring. But don't worry, there is already a hiking trail that will make it easier for you to get to the destination.

Mingling with Local Residents in Komodo Tourism Village

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

One interesting thing that can be done when visiting this area is to see the daily activities of the native inhabitants of Komodo Island. They live in a village called Komodo Village.

Pink Beach

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

If Greece has Balos Lagoon, a charming beach with pink sand, then Indonesia has Pink Beach on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Located within the Komodo National Park area, Pink Beach is one of the leading tourist destinations that many people want to visit.

The journey to Pink Beach can be reached from Labuhan Bajo pier. On this dock there are many speed boats that can be rented at varied prices, depending on the type of boat used. Given its location on Komodo Island and adjacent to Rinca Island, the trip to Pink Beach is usually combined in one tour to the two islands.

Islands around Komodo Island

Kelor Island

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

Besides seeing giant lizards, you can also visit quite popular destinations to do snorkeling activities, namely on Kelor Island. In this place, you have the opportunity to enjoy underwater charm that has around 260 species of coral and thousands of species of fish. The location itself is quite easy to reach, only about an hour from Labuan Bajo. The scenery was no less exotic than the other islands around it.

Kalong Island

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

One of the interesting things that can be done in Komodo Island is to see rows of bats flying in droves. To enjoy this unique view, you can rent a boat to Kalong Island. When the sun begins to sink, thousands of bats resting during the day will scatter out to decorate the sky of Kalong Island. You can capture this amazing moment from a rented ship. And the next day, precisely at sunrise, you can see back thousands of bats flying home to the island after foraging.

This is based on the announcement given by the New Seven Wonders

In the Kanawa Island area there are several resorts that can be visited by tourists. At a cost of around Rp. 200,000 / person you can rent this resort to rest while enjoying the beauty of Kanawa Island. Besides snorkeling, there are activities that are not less interesting, namely climbing the hill on Kanawa Island to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. This place is also often the main spot for tourists.

Tips on Traveling to Komodo Island Tourism Area
How, so interested in visiting the Komodo Island tourist area after reading the reviews above? Before realizing your desires, it's good to read the following tips so that your vacation avoids unwanted things.
  • If you feel that Komodo Island travel is very far away to reach, you can do some preparations first. One of them is saving first so that you can avoid the risk of lack of costs while on vacation there.
  • Once you get there, look for a boat or boat that is safe and worth boarding to get to Komodo Island. Don't be easily tempted by prices that are too cheap. Because with such a price, usually you will get a ship that is small and difficult to use to reach the islands in the tourist area of ​​Komodo Island.
  • If you have arrived in the tourist area of ​​Komodo Island, surely you immediately want to see the Komodo dragon directly, right? Use a guide service or commonly known as a ranger team so that you avoid things that are not desirable, given that these rare animals are classified as wild animals.
  • Look at the Komodo dragon calmly, don't ever have the intention to disturb him. Especially when he is eating, because these ancient animals will become very sensitive if the activity of eating this food is disturbed. You can observe it within the radius specified by the guide.
  • One important thing that must be considered by female visitors is to make sure not to get close to the dragons if you are menstruating. Because this giant lizard is very sensitive to the smell of blood. So, it's good to pay attention to the menstrual schedule if you want to see this ancient animal firsthand.
  • Because the Komodo Island tourist area is very hot, it's good to take your own drink to avoid dehydration. Even better if you bring drinking water with a bottle that can be refilled so as not to add plastic waste.
Hopefully the tourist information on this Komodo island can convince you who want to visit Indonesia. Thank you for reading ^^

Tickets : 90,000 IDR for domestic tourists. 250,000 IDR foreign tourists.
How to get there : From Komodo Airport, use a vehicle to the port of Labuan Bajo. Rent a boat from the port of Labuan Bajo to the island of Komodo.
Operational : This Komodo Island tourist object has no official operating hours. You can visit it at any time. However, there is the best time to visit, which is around June to July because the weather in that month is fairly friendly.

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