Lempuyang Luhur Temple Karangasem Bali

by - June 01, 2019

Temple Above the Bali Clouds

Lempuyang has its own uniqueness

Lempuyang Luhur Temple is one of the attractions in Bali, and is also a holy place for Hindus, the temple is located in the eastern part of the island of God, precisely in Karangasem Regency. In the tourist map of Bali, the Lempuyang Luhur temple is a quite attractive hiking destination for tourists, especially those who stay in East Bali such as Amed, Trtagangga and Candidasa, because the location is close. Before you climb and arrive at Lempuyang Luhur temple, you will first arrive at Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple.

Lempuyang has its own uniqueness

This temple is located on the slopes of Mount Lempuyang, Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple with a stunning backdrop of the Mount Agung panorama, so that now the Penataran Agung temple is a tourist destination that hits the East Bali region (Karangasem). Back again to Lempuyang Luhur Temple, besides being a holy place, Sad Kahyangan Lempuyang Luhur Temple has its own uniqueness such as its natural purity, especially forest areas, untouched so that the beauty of the valley, and the coast of East Bali, look amazing. Tropical trees flourish, suitable to be the lungs of the Island of the Gods.

Lempuyang Luhur Temple Trip

Lempuyang has its own uniqueness

The tourists must be healthy and strong, because to reach Luhur Lempuyangan Temple must be strong up 1750 steps. Tourists who like trekking tours, take a hiking trip to Luhur Lempuyang Temple, will give a sensation and wonderful experience, unique and challenging, there are several hiking trails to the summit, if you want it easier, it has been provided on the main lane with steps, usually used by Hindus as a prayer path. Arrange your tour agenda to visit tourism objects in the Karangasem Regency area

The beginning of the journey began with a bend accompanied by climbs, the first place we could visit was the Lempuyang Madura Temple including Pura Dang Kahyangan. The issue of status that was kasungsung (worshiped) by Hindus in the temple was convinced was Ida Batara Empu Agenijaya and Empu Manik Geni.

Lempuyang has its own uniqueness

He, Empu Agenijaya brothers seven, including Mpu Kuturan, Mpu Baradah and Mpu Semeru. While the existing palinggih are palinggih linggih, Batara, Agenijaya, sareng, Empu Manikgeni, Gedong Tumpang Siki (one), two and three, Manjang Saluang, Sanggar Agung, Bale Pawosisi, and Bale Pesandekan.

For tourists who want to take a tour and join a trekking tour, want to see the beauty of the peak of Mount Lempuyang / Bukit Bisbis towards the main temple of Sad Kahyangan Lempuyang Luhur at the top we have to climb more than 1,700 (one thousand seven hundred) steps when walking down the road to this peak we are treated to a refreshing atmosphere.

Lempuyang Luhur Temple Atmosphere

Lempuyang has its own uniqueness

The cool air from the forest is still natural, the sounds of animals and the natural scenery of Karangasem Regency are stunning, and more unique. It takes extra effort to get to the summit, the thickets of thickets are scattered among tropical trees, birds chirping in the wild, and wild monkeys appear to be hanging, these treats become entertainment while traveling.
For Hindus who want to Tangkil (come to prayer) to Sad Kahyangan Lempuyang Luhur Temple, and also travelers with tourist destinations, some things worth preparing for are physical endurance, and of course a sincere sincere heart. For Hindu worshipers to Luhur Lempuyang temple, of course, it takes extra effort, because you have to climb stairs up to thousands of stairs.

Lempuyang has its own uniqueness

For the people or even tourists who climb to the Lempuyang luhur temple, then a number of taboos should be obeyed, that is, we cannot say harshly during trips, cuntaka people (such as families die), menstruation women, feeding, children who have not had milk teeth. temple or praying to a local temple, carrying or eating pork is also not allowed. Hindus make a spiritual journey to this temple need keiklasan, said to never say the word "tired"

Ticket : Voluntary. From the parking area, you are required to use a special shuttle vehicle to enter the temple area. The cost for the vehicle is 40000 IDR / person.
Getting There : From Denpasar, the location of this temple can be reached through the tourist area of Candidasa passing through Amlapura City by car or motorbike with a travel time of around 2 hours drive. The other alternative route is through the Karangasem Strait District, through Semarapura City and then take the road to Besakih.
Operating Hours : 09.00 - 18.00

Note : You are required to wear a sarong when entering the temple area. If you don't bring your own sarong, you can rent it at the location for 10,000 IDR.

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