Pari Island, Jakarta

by - June 05, 2019

Beautiful Island in the Coastal Capital City

enjoyed on Pari Island

Who doesn't want to take a vacation and have fun? Surely almost everyone wants to have free time that can be used for traveling and vacation. This is because vacationing is one way that we can relieve stress, fatigue, boredom, and a sense of loneliness that is often experienced by everyone in the world. Especially if the demands of work have begun to accumulate and deadlines are approaching. This certainly can make us mentally disturbed if we are not strong with the pressure we are experiencing. That's why humans need a vacation or tour.

For those of you who come to Indonesia for business purposes in Jakarta. Don't worry, you can still feel the beauty of Indonesia in the Thousand Islands Jakarta.

enjoyed on Pari Island

Pari Island is one of the islands that is still in the Thousand Islands region, Jakarta. The area of ​​the island is around 40.32 hectares and is one of the districts in the Thousand Islands. This island is an island that has been known for its beauty and including the island which is used as one of the tourist destinations in the Thousand Islands from the many islands in the Thousand Islands. Because of its beauty and charm, it has made Pari Island a lot visited by tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

enjoyed on Pari Island

If you are interested in coming to Pari Island and want to immediately see for yourself the beauty that is owned by this island, then you can visit it by sea trip from the city of Jakarta. Arriving there, you will be presented with a natural beauty that is very amazing and beautiful which will certainly make you stunned difficult to forget. The beauty of Pari Island is indeed a special attraction that can attract tourists. This could later also be one of the reasons the island could become a prime tourist destination in the Thousand Islands.

Pari Island Tourism Activities

enjoyed on Pari Island

Pari Island Tourism offers a variety of activities that ensure that every satisfied traveler linger in it. If you like beach activities, you can do many things at the Virgin Sand Beach. Playing sand, sunbathing or whatever is certain, you will never escape the beauty of the panorama of this beach.

enjoyed on Pari Island

Actually, everyone has a unique way to rejoice in the tour. If you enjoy the beauty of the underwater through snorkeling activities, Pari Island Tourism is very possible. At least there are 3 snorkeling spots here, in the Marine Protection Area (APL), Bintang Rama, and in front of the pier
enjoyed on Pari Island

The rest, there is still much that can be done. Can try the canoe sensation or explore around the island by bicycle. Culinary tourism or souvenir shopping and souvenirs can also. Choose sunrise or sunset? both can be enjoyed on Pari Island, a strategic spot to enjoy it in the Bukit Matahari area.

Pari Island Tourism Facilities

enjoyed on Pari Island

As one of the tourist destinations and inhabited islands in the Thousand Islands, various facilities can be found on Pari Island. Public facilities available include various types of restaurants and souvenir centers, places of worship, posyandu, clinics and toilets.

For tourist facilities are usually available at each tourist attraction in Pari Island. Like in the Virgin Sand Beach which has been equipped with a place to relax, toilets, restaurants, canoe rentals, to volleyball courts. For those who want to set up a tent, this beach is a popular camping spot in Pari Island.

enjoyed on Pari Island

Various tourist equipment rentals are all on this island. Ranging from bicycle rent, snorkeling equipment, banana boating, donut boats, canoes and so on. In addition to staying overnight with setting up tents, there are also many homestay inns with prices that vary depending on the facilities provided.

Hopefully this article answers the needs of those of you who want to vacation in an area near Jakarta. Still in doubt ? Please ask in the comments section below. Thank you for visiting.

Ticket : Free
How to get there : From Jakarta depart from the port of Muara angke. Fast boats are available directly from Muara Angke to Pari Island. With a cost of 60,000 IDR / person.
Operational Hours : Operational speed boat from the port of Muara angke to Pari Island 07:00 am - 10:00 am. From the island of Pari to the port of Muara Angke 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.

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