Ratu Boko Palace Sleman, Yogyakarta

by - June 04, 2019

Historical Tourism in Yogyakarta

Visiting Jogjakarta does not yet feel complete if you have not yet come to the temple attraction, Jogja is known to have Prambanan temple, Ratu boko Palace, sambisari temple, gebang temple, and other small temple temples. Each temple has its own uniqueness, and this time we will visit the Ratu boko Palace. The location is in the village of Bokoharjo, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.

Many mistakenly think that Ratu Boko is a temple like most temples in Yogyakarta, but this is indeed true, in fact Ratu Boko is a royal complex or palace, so that there is a Ratu Boko Palace. Ratu Boko is located on a hill that is quite high around 195 meters above sea level. This Ratu Boko complex has a very interesting beauty and mystery, when viewed from the existing relics according to various sources Ratu Boko is one of the former civilizations that has been very advanced in its era, this can be seen from the building forms that exist in the Ratu Boko. Ratu Boko is also one of the favorite tourist attractions for tourists because of its beauty and exoticism.

Ratu Boko Complex is located not far from Prambanan Temple, which is only about 3 km to the south, with a short distance from Prambanan and Ratu Boko Palaces, according to the Ratu Boko site surrounded by the father of Roro Jonggrang. It is estimated that the Ratu Boko site was built in the 8th century by Wangsa Syailendra who was a Buddhist, but was later taken over by Hindu Mataram kings. The ‘owner’ transition made the Boko Kraton building tend to be Hinduism and Buddhism.

Grandeur of Ratu Boko Palace

Behind the history and mystery that exists, Ratu Boko has a history that no other sites in Yogyakarta have, ranging from very iconic entry gates, almost extensive green grass, paseban, caves, former pavilion to keputren which contain many unique . The entire complex of the Ratu Boko Palace reaches 25 hectares. From the start of the entrance you have to climb the stairs to reach the Palace gate which is perfect for photos because it is an icon of the Ratu Boko site. Next you will be faced with a beautiful landscape of grass with a large tree that is very shady and can be made a place to be taken after Ratu Boko.

After that, in Ratu Boko you will find a building that forms a square called paseban, paseban is a place that is used to face the king for certain purposes, not far from Paseban, you will find buildings associated with the hall used as a hall or place meeting. Walking further in. You will find more stone ruins that have been arranged, the Ratu Boko complex is indeed just a building that is more complicated than a taller building than a building made of wood that has been elevated, because indeed this Ratu Boko site is a royal complex that is also for residence.

The most beautiful sunset in Yogyakarta

When you get sick on your way home, don't go straight home, because from Ratu Boko you can enjoy the beauty of a charming sunset, Ratu Boko is one of the places to see the best sunset in Jogja. With beautiful sunset views and the beautiful, warm and comfortable atmosphere of Ratu Boko, there will be a beautiful place that does not have other places, so it's no wonder that many couples intentionally visit Ratu Boko to enjoy the romantic Ratu Boko. A tourist from the United States said, "This is the most beautiful dusk on earth".

Tickets : IDR 25,000 for 6:00 - 3:00 p.m. 100,000 IDR For 03:00 pm - 07:00 pm.
How to get there : From the Prambanan temple area there are tourist attractions that can take you to the Ratu Boko Palace at a price of 30,000 IDR / person
Oprasionla : 6:00 - 19:00

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