Sanur Beach, Bali

by - June 06, 2019

Sanur Beach is known from thousands of years ago

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

Sanur Beach is one of the beaches on the island of Bali that is interesting to visit. The beauty of its natural panorama makes Sanur Beach famous even since ancient times. In ancient Balinese history, Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach, it appears in the Raja Kasari Warmadewa Inscription, a king who had a palace in Singhadwala in 917 AD Now, the inscription is in the Blanjong area, south of Sanur Beach.

Sanur Beach is also known by foreign tourists as Sunrise Beaach, it is indeed suitable because the spot on Sanur Beach is in the east, so you can freely see the beautiful sparkle of the sun rising here.

Unlike Kuta Beach which presents the beauty of the sunset, Sanur Beach is famous for its panoramic sunrise. The topography is curved with a stretch of white sand that stretches to form a beautiful cluster of beaches. In the morning, while enjoying the dazzling seconds of the sunrise, tourists can watch the islands of Nusa Penida in the southeast and panoramas of the southern coast of Bali.

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

The scenery in the afternoon is equally interesting. The ebb and flow of sea water makes clear the eyes on Serangan Island and the rocky hill that juts into the sea to the south of Sanur Beach. Not only that, if the sea waves are not so big, tourists can see the beauty of colorful stretches of rock.

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

Sanur Beach is about 6 km from downtown Denpasar and can be reached by private vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. If you want to use public vehicles, tourists do not need to worry because public transport is very busy pacing between Sanur-Denpasar.

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Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

On Sanur Beach is one of the activities for fishermen who have just returned from fishing, and they will lean their boats there. The waves on Sanur Beach have quite calm waves, so if you want to go to the beach and are looking to surf, Sanur Beach is not suitable for you, if you want to surf, the most appropriate beach is Kuta beach. However, not far from Sanur Beach there are activities for those of you who want to dive and want to see the underwater beauty. Because of the calm and friendly waves, divers from various levels, from beginners to professionals are perfect for diving on this beach.

Seawlker in Sanur Bali

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

Many exciting adventure tours are offered in Bali, not only on land but also marine tourism activities that you can enjoy in a number of places, one of which is quite popular is the seawalker game in the Sanur beach area of ​​Bali. Seawalker Bali is certainly no stranger to you, also known as Marine walk or ocean walker, this tour will invite you to take a walk on the seabed for 25-30 minutes, this will be an adventure and exciting experience that you deserve to capture.

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

The best time to do seawalker tour activities in Sanur is in the morning with the consideration that it is not too hot and the air is cooler, sea water is also clearer, so you can enjoy the underwater beauty more leverage, other considerations after seawalker activities you can continue the tour next to a number of nearby objects and in the direction of Sanur, such as the destination of a mangrove tourist attraction, a number of tourist attractions in the city of Denpasar including the destination of the tour to Ubud and Kintamani.

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

This seawalker activity is located on Mertasari Sanur beach, precisely the beach in front of Puri Santrian Hotel, the location is strategic, affordable from tourism centers such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Canggu, Denpasar and Sanur. So that the seawalker in Sanur is indeed more popular than anywhere else. If you like underwater adventure tours and scheduled tours in Bali, it's a good idea to package your tour program to Mertasari beach as well, besides you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater by joining seawalker, you can also enjoy a number of other watersport games in the coastal area such as parasailing, jetsky and kite surfing.

Sanur Beach has been known as a beautiful beach

Indeed seawalker maritime tourism activities are quite unique tourism activities, where participants from Seawalker do not need special skills, do not have to be able to swim, enough courage to try this activity, marine tourism activities are not only for adults, children with limits aged 9 years and above can enjoy this seawalker in Sanur. So this seawalker activity is one of the family tourism activities in Bali that is very exciting with a different sensation. And if you want other underwater tours that are not less exciting in Bali, then you can try touring the Odyssey Submarine submarine in Labuhan Amuk Karangasem.

After the equipment is used, then with the seawalker guide or guide down the steps to the seabed, after arriving at the bottom of the sea you can take a walk according to the maximum length of the seawalker hose and of course according to the guide or guide who will accompany you along the underwater tour . Seawalker or ocean walker activities in Sanur last around 25-30 minutes with an average depth of diving at a depth of 6-8 meters, as long as under the sea you can see the beauty of coral reefs and fish that are milling around you, even in choices the package is also provided with activities to plant coral reefs at an additional cost. A sensation of underwater tourism that you should enjoy.

Seawalker Package Prices in Sanur
Type A: Rp. 550,000 / person, only seawalker tour activities
Type B: Rp. 709,000, seawalker tour + hotel shuttle
Type C: IDR 759,000, seawalker tour + hotel pickup + planting coral reefs
Type D: IDR 809,000, seawalker tour + hotel shuttle + photo under the sea.
Type E: IDR 834,000, seawalker tour + hotel shuttle + parasailing.

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Ticket : Free for the beach
How to get there : From Denpasar, it can be reached by land by around 30 minutes
Operational Hours : 24 Hours for the beach, 08:00 am - 5:00 pm for other tours

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